At SLC Pool Service, you and your family’s safety is always our principal concern and exceeding your expectations with our finished services is our primary goal. When it comes to Winterizing your pool we will always prepare for the coldest of winters by:

  • Raining the Pool Equipment - Heater, Pumps, Chlorinating, Water Features, Slides, etc..
  • Winterize the Pools Plumbing - Our team will winterize your pool's plumbing by blowing out the lines from the skimmer, through the equipment, then back to the pool. SLC Pool Service will also add antifreeze into the plumbing for extra protection.
  • Add Chemicals - SLC Pool Service will add a large chlorine floater & algaecide into the pool to help protect the pool from going green during the winter months. The Chemicals are one of the most important steps in the closing process as lack thereof can cause unnecessary staining and scaling of the plaster and tiles.
  • Cover the Pool - The final step will be to cover the pool and fill the water so the cover will be able to rest on the water. This will help the cover support the weight of the snow and leaves that are bound to pile up during the off season.

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When SLC Pool Service comes to your home for your annual swimming pool closing, rest assured our service trucks are fully equipped with all the necessary tools, parts, and accessories to ensure a smooth winterization.