Weekly Maintenance

Weekly Maintenance

Every week we perform the following pool cleaning tasks upon arrival at your property:

  • Test pool chemistry and add the necessary pool chemicals to balance water (salt or chlorine, acid, sodium bicarbonate, etc.)
  • Skim the pool surface Vacuum Pool
  • Empty the pool skimmer basket and pool pump basket
  • Inspect the pool pump, pool filter system and pool timer to make sure they are working properly
  • Ensure automatic pool cleaner is working and empty out the internal basket
  • Blow the Deck

Extra Service Options

  • Chemically clean filters
  • Clean scum & calcium off tiles
  • Wash pool & spa cover
  • Power wash pool & spa deck
  • Lube & replace o-rings
  • Service & maintain chemical automation systems
  • Clean pump room
  • Anything else as requested by client


Swimming pools are a valuable investment when cared for properly. At SLC Pool Service our maintenance team helps to protect that investment by taking care of everything from training to maintenance to repairs. Unlike large chains, we spend 45 - 90 minutes on your property to ensure proper care is given to each customer.

Our CPO certified techs will ensure proper chemical analysis & balancing and provide a monthly 23-point equipment inspection that will help you protect your investment for years to come!

Special Requests

We only service in-ground concrete, gunite pools using the most up-to-date industry practices. Does your family have special chemical needs? Skin sensitivity to chlorine or a desired pH? Let us know and we will ensure we keep your pool in the desired range.