Maybe you are thinking about building a pool in your backyard and are wondering how much it costs for a pool cleaning service. Or you just bought a house with a beautiful pool and are asking yourself how much pool services near me cost. Before you come to any conclusions consider that a swimming pool is a big investment and you want to keep it in top shape so it doesn’t lose value. A poorly kept swimming pool will develop stains that are hard or impossible to get out. Here are some of the pool services we offer.

Concierge Pool Services

We would like to become your trusted pool service partner. With SLC Pool Service you won’t get just a pool guy, but a Salt Lake City pool company that offers personalized pool service. We are a concierge service for residential pool owners. If we can’t fix your pool, we know someone that can. We can always refer them to you or handle that on your behalf, whichever you prefer. Our goal is to be your one- stop-shop pool service partner.

SLC Pool Service provides you with pool cleaning, acid wash, pool shock for green pools, and more services with a dependable, transparent, honest, and professional approach.