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With 5+ years of pool maintenance experience, we provide quality pool service that is reliable, punctual, professional, and of the utmost quality. We are a family-owned and operated business based in Salt Lake City. Summer is around the corner so when you are opening up your pool this year be sure to give SLC Pool service a call!

What we offer

  • Openings
  • Clean Tiles
  • Winterization
  • Vaccuming
  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Leak Detection
  • Equipment Installations
  • Backwash
  • Acid Wash
  • Clean Skimmers
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Clean filter or replace
  • Brushing
  • and more!


The first thing we do when we show up is test the Water Chemistry. Making sure the chemicals are properly balanced is vital. When the pool chemicals aren’t properly balanced you might start noticing signs of itchy skin, rashes, or eye irritation; not to mention mbalanced pools can be a breeding ground for water-born illnesses.

Pool Cleaning / Maintenance

On each visit you will expect a quality pool service that scrubs your tiles, blows your deck, tests & balances your chemicals, vacuums, and ensures your pool is Crystal Clear before we are done. When you sign up with SLC Pool Service LLC we assign you a day of the week and show up, rain or shine. If there are changes in the schedule we will be sure to give you heads up.
Every week we perform the following pool cleaning tasks upon arrival at your property:

  • Test pool chemistry and add the necessary pool chemicals to balance water (salt or chlorine, acid, sodium bicarbonate, etc.)
  • Skim the pool surface
  • Apply soap & scrub pool tiles
  • Empty the pool skimmer basket and pool pump basket
  • Inspect the pool pump, pool filter system and pool timer to make sure they are working properly
  • Ensure automatic pool cleaner is working and empty out the internal basket
  • Brush the pool walls (every other visit)
  • Clean the pool filter (when necessary)