Chemical Analysis & Balancing

Pool Chemical Analysis and Balancing

Balancing a pool means keeping pool chemicals at the proper levels. The bottom line, cleaning a pool is more than just adding chlorine for sanitizing and acid for pH. You also have to check alkalinity, cyanuric acid, calcium, etc.

When and why do you need a pool balance?

Every time fresh water enters the pool, the chemicals go out of balance. So, if there is a big rainstorm, or if there is a pool leak and you are adding water every week or day, you will need a pool balance. Properly balanced pool water creates an optimal environment for the sanitizing process. It also protects the components in the pool system against chemical corrosion and increases the life expectancy of the pool equipment. Properly balanced pool water also provides a better swimming experience for pool users. Some of the factors that contribute to pool water balance are pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, temperature, calcium, and total dissolved solids.

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